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COURSE OUTLINE:Cloud Management(AWS & Azure)

Program Description

AWS Sysops Certification and Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions.

Course Prerequisites

This course requires that student meet the following prerequisites, including that they have:

  • Working knowledge of systems administration or software development.
  • Some experience with maintaining operating systems at the command line (shell scripting in Linux environments, cmd or PowerShell in Windows).
  • Using a Shell
  • Basic knowledge of networking protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP).


This is an emerging technology course. Course outline is subject to change as needed.
Module 1 – System Operations on AWS Overview
Module 2 – Networking in the Cloud
Module 3 – Computing in the Cloud
Module 4 – Storage and Archiving in the Cloud
Module 5 – Monitoring in the Cloud
Module 6 – Managing Resource Consumption in the Cloud
Module 7 – Configuration Management in the Cloud
Module 8 – Creating Scalable Deployments in the Cloud
Module 9 – Creating Automated and Repeatable Deployments


Module 1 – Describe Azure architecture components, including infrastructure, tools, and portals.
Module 2 – Implement and manage virtual networking within Azure and connect to on-premises environments.
Module 3 – Plan and create Azure virtual machines.
Module 4 – Configure, manage, and monitor Azure virtual machines to optimize availability and reliability.
Module 5 – Deploy and configure web apps and mobile apps.
Module 6 – Implement, manage, backup, and monitor storage solutions.
Module 7 – Plan and implement data services based on SQL Database to support applications.
Module 8 – Deploy, configure, monitor, and diagnose cloud services.
Module 9 – Create and manage Azure AD tenants, and configure application integration with Azure AD.
Module 10 – Integrate on-premises Windows AD with Azure AD.
Module 11 – Automate operations in Azure management by using automation.

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