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Our experienced team of project managers, consultants, and technicians offer a wealth of experience to go along with their industry certifications. A dedicated team that will see a project to successful deployment – by ‘owning’ the project, their success is tied to the success of the project.

Our Approach:

We appreciate and understand that each client has their own unique set of business requirements that require customized solutions to best meet their business needs.

We rely on our expert’s knowledge and industry backed experience to develop solutions based on Best Practices and tailored to our client’s specific needs and IT Environment.

We partner with the Leading Technology vendors including, Cisco, Microsoft, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Checkpoint, VMWare, Avaya, and Aruba that delivers a holistic solution to our clients.

Our Project life cycle follows a simple and successful model of Plan, Design, Implement and Support (PDIS).

• Gather your business requirements
• Document findings for your sign off
• Provide Architect Design Document

• Develop, provide Low level Design
• Build, provide Implementation Plan
• Build Solutions Acceptance Plan

• Build and configure the solution
• Test the solution end to end
• Deploy Solution into production