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With emerging technology driven business models, continuously reducing margins and growing competition, there has been an massive increase in the number of enterprise applications that can be defined as ‘mission critical’. Business today demands exacting standards of reliability and availability from your IT applications.

To adapt to the changing business environment, your Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy needs to evolve quickly. You need DR systems that are not just effective in handling complex adverse scenarios, but can also proactively assess your DR needs on a continuous basis.

NetPLUS’s comprehensive suite of DR Services, backed by world-class infrastructure and end-to- end managed services, ensures that your mission critical systems continue to be available and responsive under the most adverse of circumstances. We help you build and manage a robust DR system that you can trust, ensuring that your customers and partners never feel a difference in your quality of service.

Why NetPLUS Disaster Recovery Services?

World-Class Infrastructure & Facilities

  • Wide variety of IT infrastructure models to deploy DR system
  • Robust and highly resilient cloud infrastructure setup across multiple seismic zones
  • Highly secure colocation options for super critical applications
  • State of the art DRM tools for DR Management and Automation

Flexible Deployment Options

  • DR on Public Cloud for public facing interfaces or applications outside the firewall
  • Private cloud or VPC setup for mission critical workloads with high performance or security needs
  • In-house or third party datacenter options
  • Complete flexibility for DR infrastructure capacity provisioning (10% to 100%)
  • Work Area Recovery (WAR) Seats: Dedicated or Shared
  • In-house resource deployment or end-to-end Managed Services

Replication, Recovery & Failover

  • Connecting primary and DR (Near or far) setups through WAN links like MPLS / P2P leased line or IP VPN
  • Best in class technologies for data replication and high availability
  • Deep expertise around native applications for data replication (Oracle Data Guard, SQL Log Ship etc.)
  • Planned DR Drills to execute DR readiness and evaluate effectiveness

Cost Optimized

  • Structured approach to DR planning and consulting, including business analysis, assessment of mission critical workloads, utilization & performance needs, platforms, security, etc.
  • DR on Cloud – Scalable, flexible and cost effective option for DR
  • DRaaS – Pay-per-use suite of DR management applications and integrated managed services



Netplus is pleased to announce the industry’s first Ransomware Protection and Recovery Solution (RPRS). Built on top of innovative new features in the SIRIS, NAS, Backupify and Datto Drive product lines, this solution will detect a ransomware attack, and roll back systems to a point in time before the attack happened. This includes protecting files and folders anywhere on the network, on mobile devices, workstations, and in the cloud.

Here is how to take advantage of RPRS:

  1. Ensure your systems and files are protected as soon as possible by deploying the SIRIS 3 Total Data Protection platform for all physical and virtual systems. Set a regular backup schedule.
  2. Identify additional backup needs on the network, on mobile devices and in the cloud, and back them up using Datto NAS, Datto Drive and Datto Backupify.
  3. When a ransomware attack starts, the attack profile is quickly detected, and an administrator is notified.
  4. The administrator restores the affected system to a snapshot before the attack happened, erasing the attack.
  5. If also infected, network file storage, mobile devices and cloud files are restored as necessary to prevent remnants of the ransomware from spawning a new infection.
  6. Business resumes as usual. No ransom is paid, no files are lost, there is only a brief disruption, and it’s over in a matter of minutes.